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Farm Insurance

You put a lot of other people first when you manage your farm. Let Mstar Insurance Agency, Inc. put you first when it comes to protection.

California has over 81,500 farms and ranches. In 2010, those farm and ranch businesses made almost $38 billion combined. That sure is a lot of revenue to protect! AtMstar Insurance Agency, Inc., we can help you find an insurance policy that matches your farm’s specific needs and keeps you protected. That way, you get reliable coverage at an affordable price.

Protecting Your Farm

What would an agribusiness do if a storm destroyed crops or a fire ruined expensive equipment needed to plant seeds? These are the kinds of questions that we try to address with our farm insurance policies.

We know that farming is a volatile industry. One disaster could force many agribusinesses to sell their lands. That’s why the professionals at Mstar Insurance Agency, Inc. have worked diligently to offer some of the most comprehensive policies for farmers. Our mission is to put your needs first – you put your  trust in us and we want you to feel good doing it. We appreciate the hard work farmers and ranchers do for us and we want them to be protected.

Cover All Aspects of Your Farm

Our farm insurance policies are sold as packages that can include coverage for many aspects of your business. Some of the coverage that we can add to your policy package will protect:

  • Your fields and other properties
  • The equipment you rely on
  • Liability so you’re not held responsible when someone  gets hurt on your property
  • Financial loss should something happen to your livestock

Farming is a complex business. We can look at your needs to develop a simple solution that addresses your requirements and concerns. We don’t think you should have to worry about whether you have the right level of coverage. We believe you should concentrate on running your farm, raising food, and improving the continued agricultural success in California.

Contact Mstar Insurance Agency, Inc. to speak with a trustworthy agent who wants you to find the best policy for you and your farm or ranch. Everyone has unique needs. We can address those needs through personalized services.

You put the needs of our bellies first every single day, let us put you first when it comes to protection today!